TARİH 2016-04-20

Who Are We ?

Our company while operating as kurulmuştur.ortopetik prosthetic orthotic workshop in 1995, our country is ready to reduce its dependence on imports of orthopedic products and orthopedic soft goods in 1999 and started production in order to produce new products.
Meanwhile, production of raw materials and the product quality issues in mind that the most important factor in development in 2005 by establishing the Bioteks narrow weaving and textile limited company has started the production of orthopedic elastic fabric.
for the production of flat knitting bandage established in 2007 and has pioneered in the machinery sector.
orthopedic soft goods with brand Biofix today almıştır.sürekl place in Turkey and the world market developed in order to produce world-class products, innovation, quality and commitment to our adhering we serve.
Our priority is to keep the customer satisfaction at the top level will rise above the expectations of our customers.


Bioactive Simplifies Life

Bioactive Orthopedic Health Care, producing orthotic products for those who have lost limbs. Product manufacturing to facilitate the lives of people offering support products.

Orthotics and orthopedic soft goods producing bioactive orthopedic health services, exports its products to 18 countries with a large export network in the industry.

The Össür the world -renowned manufacturer of prosthetic orthopedic Turkey distributorship who Bioactive , providing the uygulamsı and sales of products. Bioactive Orthopedics brand by providing most of the trade fair participation in this field anywhere announce , giving information to patients.

Since 1995, Turkey and developments in the world market and the growth of the bio-active , constantly evolving continues to produce world-class products . Our priority is to exceed our customers' expectations , making new development and find the most appropriate solutions to patient problems .

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