Distance Selling Agreement

TARİH 2011-05-17


Bioactive contract located on this page from the moment you start using the services of Oropedi Inc. for you and will be binding. Please read this agreement carefully before using our services.





The subject of this agreement, the seller, the buyer, the sale to the following attributes and sales price in relation to the sale and delivery of the product specified in law No. 4077 Consumers Protection Law-Distance Contracts Regulation in accordance with the provisions of the rights and obligations of the parties.


Article 2-vendor INFORMATION

Title: Bioactive Oropedi Co., Ltd.

Address: Hafez Mah. Flag Cad. No: 26 Arnavutköy/İstanbul

Phone: (0212) 674 88 91

E-mail: info@bioaktif.com

Web Site: www.bioaktif.com


Article 3-RECEIVER (consumer) INFORMATION

Name/Last Name/Title:






The goods/product/service type, quantity, make/model, color by number, price, payment method, are as noted below:

Date Of Contract:

The Product Is Available:..

The amount of the delivery charges: TL

The Goods/Product/Service Type: Internet Services



Thanks In Advance. Sales Price (Taxes Included): TL



5.1. BUYER, article 4 agreement specified in the product's basic attributes, sales price and method of payment you read all the information for delivery information with the owner and gave the necessary confirmation electronically.

5.2. these products, legal Contracts, and must not exceed the 30-day duration for each product depending on the buyer's settlement offset of preliminary information at the address indicated by the BUYER within the period described in or delivered to the person/organization. Be notified in writing to the consumer of this period, provided that it can be extended up to 10 days.

3.3. Contract from the product, the purchaser is to be delivered to another person/entity, person/organization to be delivered from the VENDOR cannot be held responsible for the failure to accept the delivery.

3.4. Reseller contract to a product it means the product is solid, complete qualifications as specified in the order is responsible for delivery. A good reason, provided that the dealer, to rely on contractual performance obligation expires, consumers ' equal quality and price can supply goods or services.

3.4. the agreement for the delivery of the product to be confirmed electronically and this contract agreement, it is necessary to be paid the full price of the order. The price of the product for any reason, will not be returned or cancelled in bank records, VENDOR product delivery is considered freed from the obligation.

3.5. The SELLER encroachment adverse weather conditions, force majeure or extraordinary circumstances, such as the transportation due to the discontinuation of the contract subject cannot deliver the product within the prescribed period, the State obligated to buyer. In this case, the BUYER to cancel the order if the product to be modified with precedent agreement and/or delivery time postponing until elimination of the blocking situation can use one of their rights.

To cancel the buyer's order amount paid in will be returned to him within 10 days.

3.5. payment burden in this agreement of the buyer's business in any way cannot be charged in the case dealer, product price of combustion take place, on the day of delivery of the product price and contract interest rates provided for in the interest rate to be operated for the purpose of cashing in with over execution can be started, will take his case can be opened and may apply to other legal way.



Distance Contracts Regulation's right of revocation clause 4 Article 7 entitled according to clause c; ... Consumer requests or clearly prepared his personal needs will not be able to use the right of withdrawal in consumer goods. Also as of the nature of the consumer, non-conducive to be sent back and quickly passing the danger of deterioration or expiration date for delivery of goods contracts that might have no right of withdrawal.



In the implementation of this agreement, declared by the Ministry of industry and commerce, consumer buyer or seller with Arbitration at the consumer courts.



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