End of Unnecessary Antibiotic Use

TARİH 2017-01-26

Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Recep Akdag participated in the Rational Antibiotic Use Launch Meeting held in Ankara.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Akdag, gave information about the ministry's new work.

Referring to the use of unnecessary antibiotics in Turkey and in the world, Akdag said, "We are in the worst situation among the OECD countries when using antibiotics, we will be coming from the top of the country and the patient should talk to his doctor before using antibiotics Patients should not force doctors to write antibiotics Antibiotics are not fever reducers. One out of every three patients who admitted to polyclinics is using antibiotics. "Antibiotics are used in bacterial diseases, but antibiotics are not used in viral diseases."

In Turkey, 1 out of every 3 patients who have applied to polyclinics use antibiotics. Normally, it is expected to be one of the 6 prescriptions, which means that approximately twice as many antibiotics are used as needed. People also divide a few types of diseased microbes, one of the groups we often see is one of the bacteria and one of the viruses. If the disease is caused by a bacterium, we use antibiotics, but if our disease has caused a virus, we do not use antibiotics because antibiotics are ineffective against viruses. Is it a bacterial disease that we are most often encountering in our daily lives, usually caused by not taking antibiotics and causing flu and influenza? Or are these diseases caused by viruses? There is no use of antibiotics because of illnesses caused by influenza and influenza viruses ".

The Fast Beta Test will be decisive

"Beta will be determined by a rapid beta test because the throat culture test is long, but the fast beta test will use antibiotics if the patient gets beta," stated Akdag, who will test the family, child, ENT and emergency physicians during the beta microbe examination.

After the statements of Akdağ, who informed that the physicians would be aware of this issue, a beta test was conducted on one of the journalists who attended the meeting.

"We are faced with a great social squeeze"

"When we use unnecessary antibiotics, the person using one side is harmed and the other side is facing a social problem," Minister Akdag said,

"Bacteria are gaining resistance, and in severe cases of severe pneumonia, meningitis, or stinging microbes that we need most of them, this time the antibiotics are not effective on the bacteria that cause the disease, and we are faced with a great social squeeze. We also installed a guiding program on doctors' computers in terms of clinical signs of the presence of this beta microbe. I believe that Turkey will set a good example for the world in terms of healthy living and using the right medicine if it has set an example for the whole world with the new system it has established.

Transfer of scorecards and transfers to doctor

In the days we passed, Recep Akdag, who reports that the private hospitals can transfer the public doctors by paying the testimonies and the Ministry of Health initiated the report period to show the success status of the doctors, Recep Akdag said that the application of the doctor's carnet has not yet been clarified and that the private hospitals are paying the testimonies and transferring the doctor to the doctor.

"Drug stockpiling will be punished with the heaviest"

Akdağ replied: "We are following the sector constantly and if drug stores are detected, they will be punished severely." Akdag explained that he did not have any work to bring doctors performance systems.

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