Shipping and Payment

TARİH 2011-05-17

a) The customer is responsible for unconditionally address in which the use of credit cards and other payment information.

b) I cancel all payments and transactions it deems suspicious credit card charges and reserves the right to discontinue all services to the customer.

c) All-payment services operations are paused By and knows customer to implement different pricing policies in arrears.

d) Customer my credit card information to be registered in advance in the address and will allow the use of this information in the renewal of customer service.

e) Customer's registered credit card information is not collected in a pool and I 3. declare any circumstances whatsoever be shared with the Party.

f) created in electronic form and mail order credit card customer undertakes the accuracy of the payment. If there is incorrect information he knows that stopped without notice and acknowledge the harm and services will rise.

g) offered to pay the customer bodies may change at any time or you can turn off the use of the customer.

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