Patella And Ligament Supported Knee Supports BA 20101-1

Product Code: BA 20101-1


  • Knitted with three-dimensional knitting-weaving technique that ensures balanced compression and stretches to both sides, which is appropriate for the anatomical structure.
  • Decompression is ensured with a special knitting technique in popliteal area.
  • Air-permeable and moist regulator.
  • Silicone support reduces pain and edema thanks to its massage effect.
  • One spiral baleen is available in medial and lateral
  • Advanced twists on the knee, swelling, post-operative and post-traumatic irritations, patella subluxation, chondromalacia, patellar tendinitis.
Size: Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge


28 cm 31 cm 34 cm 37 cm 40 cm
31 cm 34 cm 37 cm 40 cm 43 cm