Poliurethane Waist Pillows

Product Code: BA 611-P


  • It ensures correct sitting by keeping the spine straight.
  • In this way, it relieves waist and back pain.
  • It helps in the treatment process of diseases such as arthritis and herniated disc.
  • Ideal for use after back injuries and injuries.
  • Thanks to its elastic and shape-preserving structure, it does not leave a gap in the spinal cord.
  • Dimensions: 37x34
  • It wraps your waist with its conical protrusions and prevents the spinal cord from bending left or right.
  • It can be used easily in all kinds of car, office and home seats.
  • It can be fixed to any seat with the elastic bands on the back of the lumbar pillow.
  • Produced without CFC gas, which is harmful to health.